About Paige Crosswhite

Hi I'm PAIGE! I'm an artist, a hedonist, and a serial entrepreneur. I think I have two  different styles: my murals/paintings are Maximalist and  I have a Doodle Emporium.  

Maximalism or Maximalist Collage. I know it's an interior design term but that's what I thought I would be when I was little, an interior designer, or a flamingo. I love planning and arranging my compositions, gardens, vacations, recipes, rooms..etc. But my passion is making, mostly messes but sometimes art. I compose the Synesthetic symphony of emotion and light.. My big paintings take a hell of a lot of planning, as well as the blood, sweat, tears that are a requisite for any large work. When I make a series or a work, I base it off of a theme or a concept or a person. Commissions are my favorite because they are truly bespoke.

My Doodle Emporium consists of sketchbooks and watercolors. I carry my paints with me everywhere. I drink and draw. My sketchbooks are hopefully going to be compiled into a series of bar books or something. I don't know yet but I have quite the affinity for blind contour.